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Accounting and Advisory

You need accurate financial systems that monitor the health of your business: We can:

  • Design your system from the ground up

  • Improve and/or clean up your current system

  • Work with your current bookkeeper, or use one of our own

You need good advice from an experienced professional.

  • An accounting-oriented advisor that can help you work through your ideas and issues.

  • CPA's can be great at taxes, but many don't go much beyond that and charge higher rates

Systems Improvement and Integration

You have a lot of "paper" in your work flow:

  • We can find and deploy the apps and systems that will improve your work flow

  • We use many popular apps that have improved efficiency, customer satisfaction and reduced workloads

  • We "hate" paper and not just its environmental impact! Think: TSheets, Expensify and others

You have Quickbooks, but it doesn't always seem helpful

  • We are experts at Quickbooks and can make it do what you need it to.

  • We can eliminate unhelpful and repetitive tasks

Special Projects

You need help with a special project, idea or "deal":

  • If you are looking for, or need to negotiate with, an investor, banker or financing source we can help with advising and presentation to put your business in the best light.

  • You want to acquire another business and need sourcing and negotiating assistance.

  • You have received an offer of overture for your business, but aren't sure about pricing or terms

You need to determine how the finances of your business will match your "vision"

  • Financial projections can show you where you are going and how you will get there.

  • Sensitivity & "what if" analysis can show you the effects of different ideas you may want to try

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