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Business owners are often pulled in many directions: Customers, employees, projects, bids, finances, meetings, taxes are just a few of the many issues that tug at the owner.

In speaking with many owners/managers over the last 30 years, many would love someone to come along, join them in their journey and help them navigate the path. For most, that path has to do with financial help.

I love coming alongside businesses, digging into the numbers, and helping finding ways to improve profits, processes and people.

One client has built a multi-million dollar service business. He is a serial entrepreneur and very successful. While his books were balanced by a bookkeeper, they didn't really help him see what was truly going on - on the ground. I immediately went to work cleaning up the fog on each of the business units and finding KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) that would be useful to the company and could be pulled out of their accounting system.

Another client, just staring out on his own venture, just didn't feel confident that his books were being done correctly. Nor did he know if a dozen clients were really making the company any money. I cleaned up the books, solidified processes and determined ways to track profitability on his clients and efficiency of his employees.

This is fun for me! If numbers are the language of businesses - it's my second language. I would enjoy speaking to you soon.

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